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Business Benefits

There are a wide range of business benefits that can be obtained with CYMSIS, including:
Quick / efficient invoice creation
Customers and invoice items can simply be chosen from a list drastically reducing the time required to produce a new invoice.
Repeat invoice scheduling
Ability to schedule weekly / (n) monthly / annually reoccurring invoices with minimal effort.
Online (email) invoice delivery
Invoices can be immediately and directly sent to the customer saving on posting / stationary costs. Invoices are attached in standard PDF format.
Delivery logging
Logs of invoice delivery are available. Option to log postal invoices available for customers without email.
Invoice header / footer fully user customisable
Company address / telephone number changes do not require further chargeable work.
Statement generation
Ability to record payment information and report off it, to determine outstanding invoices at a glance.
Web based application
Installation of client software is not required reducing support costs and providing a familiar / intuitive browser based interface.
CSV data export
Export options are available for all database records held in the system. A specific Sage v8 / v13 export of Invoice data is also available for seamless integration into existing accounting processes.
Multi user support
With the correct username / password the web based application is available from anywhere with Internet Access.
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